I was the eternal nomad, the insatable wanderer, with little to no interest in the place where I was born and bred.

When the pandemic hit back in spring 2020 and I rapidly had to escape from Spain, give up on my plan to reunite with my skis in France for the winter and flee back to Sweden, I thought I'd soon perish from a longing back out into the world.

Instead though, to my big surprise, I found myself flooded by a type of calm I never before experienced.

After almost a decade of roaming the globe in my role as a travel and adventure photographer I was forced to spend a big chunk of time in my native Swedish Lapland for the first time in forever.

I knew I was born in a beautiful part of the world, but two+ years of staying put and starting to pay proper attention to my surroundings have taken that to new dimensions.

Even in the normally so dull month of November I find little visual nuggets of gold everywhere.   

So, however cheezy it may sound, my conclusion of this whole experiece is this; beauty is everywhere, sometimes we just need to slow down and adjust our receptors enough in order for us to see it.