a mid-Winter retreat in Swedish Lapland:

Creative Night Photography

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Step into a new world of visual creativity and mystery by discovering the enticing possibilities of night photography under an epic star sprinkled sky, in northern Sweden's magical winter wonderland.

By snowmobile and by foot we'll move through the frozen landscape, while exploring how to express ourselves in a unique way, play with light and create images that touch the soul.


This retreat is intended for you who identify as a woman and who are a slightly more advanced photographer, already familiar with the basics of photography.

You are eager to escape everyday life and spend three days adventuring in a dreamy winter paradise, while developing your skills in night photography, and eating and sleeping like a queen.

Does this aslo sound like you?

  • You are craving serenity and silence, and time to focus on YOU.
  • You're adventurous and itching to spend more time in nature.
  • You are open-minded and curious about the arctic lifestyle.
  • You dream about experiencing and witnessing the beauty by the arctic circle at the peak of winter.
  • Seeing the northern lights is high on your buckelist.
  • You long for those sweet campfire conversations under the stars, where true connections are made and you lose track of time.

If so, Then this is your remedy, gal.


Day 1 - Arrival and Check-In

We'll start off by diving into an inspiring workshop where you'll unlock the secrets of capturing beauty in the dark. As night falls we enjoy a fabulous 3-course dinner together and eventually embark on a practical photography session under the glittering night sky near our accommodation.

Later on we may gather around the campfire in the backyard for warm drinks or opt for a relaxing sauna—a choice for everyone.

Day 2 - A Day of Exploration

After breakfast we'll gear up for a hike through the winter wonderland, a chance to capture some arctic magic in the soft daylight. We will find a sheltered spot and warm up with a campfire coffee and treats.

As we return to our manor, lunch will be served, and then the afternoon is yours to explore or simply unwind. Later, another incredible 3-course dinner will be followed by a nighttime adventure in a nearby village where a snowmobile ride takes us out to a sauna cabin on the ice—the perfect base for more night photography. Shoot away, heat up in the sauna or by the campfire, or challenge yourself with a wildly refreshing ice bath. Certainly a special night to add to the memory bank.

Day 3 - Finishing with Flair

After a restful night and a hearty breakfast, the final workshop begins, focusing on how to edit your night shots, or, for those preferring a more relaxed morning, a chance to sleep in.

Lunch is served by 12:00 pm, and at 1:00 pm, we bid farewell to this wonderful place, leaving with a sweet mix of memories, newfound knowledge, and hopefully a whole bunch of new friends.



“A wave of emotions washed over me as I sat down after being dropped off at the train station.

This trip came at the perfect time and I am so grateful I followed my gut feeling, booked and gave myself this time. These days have touched me in such a beautiful way. Sara has something special.”

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Food and Accomodation

On top of all workshops and adventures mentioned, included in the full price are also two night's accommodation and all meals which we will share together; Delicious home-cooked food prepared with a loving hand, influenced from the cousine typical to northern Sweden.

We begin with a three-course dinner on the arrival day and end with lunch on the day of departure.

Choose between double or single occupancy (the latter at a small extra cost of 300 SEK).

** Please make sure to include any meal preferences/allergies when booking, and whether you want a single room or not. **


To get the most out of this weekend, the following gear is recommended:

  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera with the capacity to do 30 second long exposures, or more.
  • A sturdy tripod.
  • A wide angle lens with a big aperture (ideally f/2.8 or more).
  • Photoshop or Lightroom (Adobe offers a 30-day free trial if for anyone who's new to the software).

Feel free to ask if you are unsure about any of the above!

Meet your hosts

HELLO there wild one,

I'm Sara,

Your retreat leader and photography guide, ready to challange you to become a better photographer and discover all the beauty that's always surrounding you.

My goal with this retreat is for you to head back home full of knowledge, inspiration to keep shooting, and energy to live life with a greater sense of passion.



Owner of the manor and your lovely host, there to guarantee you are well fed and feeling like a queen during your entire stay.

Along with her sweet dad she will be preparing all our meals from scratch, share her local knowledge and add that little special touch on your time here to the point you never want to leave.

Travel directions

Pick-up point: Boden Central Station. Make sure to be here no later than 12.00 (noon) on the arrival day to make it for the shared ride to our accommodation.

If you travel from Stockholm there is a night train that will take you all the way to Boden.

An optional arrival point is to fly to the nearest airport in Luleå (Kallax). This would require you to arrange transportation to Boden yourself, but we are happy to assit you with our local knowledge to help you arrive as smoothly as possible.

There are frequent buses and taxi services at the airport.


SEK 7,900:-

Group size: maximum of 8 guests (minimum of 6). ​

Please note that workshops and lodging will be paid separately; one part prior to arrival via Skillbreak, and one upon departure directly at the accommodation. Total price will be SEK 7,900.- (plus any room upgrades or special treats you may want to add with dinner).

What's not included in THE price:

  • Travel to and from Boden
  • Insurance
  • Special or alcoholic beverages
  • Single occupancy


Your booking of this retreat cannot be cancelled after 60 days prior to the starting date due to the difficulty filling your spot on a short notice (unless you find your own replacement).

Please make sure you have an insurance covering you in case you would get sick or otherwise unable to attent.

If we are forced to cancel the workshop for any reason (like too few participants signed up), your entire participation fee will be refunded to you.

A Final note:

Although there is a high likelihood you'll get to withness the northern lights during this time of the year, please keep in mind it is a natural phenomenon and can therefore never be guarranteed.

Any further questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

We cannot wait to see you there.

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What can I expect from a retreat?

A retreat offers an opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of our modern life and reconnect with nature on a deeper level. Our retreats are designed to use photography as a way to empower you both behind and in front of the lens, enabling us together to creatively play, experiment, and reconnect with the full expression of our hearts.

I don't have fancy camera, can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve had people on retreats with nothing but their iPhone camera! Although it’s one of the cornerstones, my retreats are about so much more than just photography. They provide you with time in nature, stillness, sisterhood, and an opportunity to truly slow down. All you need to join is a curiosity to learn and maybe a little extra patience for when other people stop to take photos and might require more time with their camera equipment.

Do I need any prior outdoor experience to attend?

No prior experience is required. Most retreats are designed to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to experienced outdoor enthusiasts. However, a basic level of physical fitness is recommended.

What should I bring?

You’ll get a full list of recommended things to bring when you book your spot. In general, you should pack comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities in accordance to the season you're traveling, layers, sturdy footwear, a water bottle, your photography equipment - and of course, a sense of adventure!

Are there any age restrictions?

Most women that have attended my retreats in the past have been between 25 and 55, but the space is open to any age, as long as you are at least 18 years of age.

Can I attend a retreat if I have dietary restrictions?

Yes! We are able to accommodate most special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten-free, or allergies. Be sure to let us know your dietary restrictions when you book your spot.

I would be traveling solo for the first time - and I’m a bit scared!

Traveling within Europe is generally safe and fairly easy due to the excellent train and airport network. Of course, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone in the beginning but we will provide you with all the information you need to make it safely to your destination. Traveling to Arctic Sweden? Get excited! Despite what most people think, real people live here and we have roads and infrastructure to get around!

What about all the wild animals, will they eat me?

Most likely not ;-) You will hopefully see wild animals of all sorts, from very small to large, but the chance of something happening to you is statistically extremely low.

I love the sound of this but I don't identify as a woman. Do you offer retreats for mixed groups?

From my experience, women tend to have a harder time relaxing and taking up space in mixed groups. That’s why I’m focused on creating women-only spaces at the moment. I’m open to mixed groups but don’t have the marketing bandwidth to launch another offering at the moment. If you’d like to explore options for a private workshop or retreat, I’d love to hear from you!