I may forever be a nomad at heart, but the more time I spend in my native north, the more enchanted I become by its spellbinding beauty.

Today it is hard for me to grasp that this same place that I used to run from for over a decade now has an almost magnetic pull on me. It speaks to me in wild whispers in a language I only recently learned to understand. I adore the message, and I thank the past couple of years for forcing me to slow down enough to listen, and to see this place for what it really is: stunning.

I think travel, escpecially solo travel, to far away lands makes us grow in the most rewarding of ways, but maybe in the long run it also teaches us where we truly belong, whether it be a new-found paradise, or the very place we were first brought into this world.

For those of you who feel called to this arctic dreamland - I hope to see you up here one day.

Don't forget you camera! ♥️