Women's Rewilding Retreat

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Restoring our connection with the Earth, our sacred femininity, wild nature, and the co-creative spirit of sisterhood.

The offering includes:

  • Nature Excursions & Activites Outdoors
  • Sharings & Evenings around the Fire
  • Bhakti Motion Workshops - Devotional Movement and Dancing from the Heart
  • Voice Activations & Shamanic Drum Sessions
  • Meditation, Healing & Transformation
  • Additional Gift - Individual Photo Shoot in Nature to Portray your Inner Wildness
  • Sisterhood & Co-creation
  • Nurturing Healing Food & Extraodrinary Accommodation in the Wild


‘Inner Re-Wilding’ with Movement & Voice Awakening with Antonia Rothschild

‘Bhakti Motion’ Movement Workshop

The term Bhakti means ‘devotion’ and in this context refers to a way to move one's body from an inner gravitational pull, honoring the intuitive nature of our somatic experiences. It is the art of telling our heart’s truth and soul’s stories through dance and surrendering to the creative flow which moves us all in one way or another.

It can be used to express and release pent-up emotion or merely for the pleasure of experiencing the dance itself. You’ll be supported and guided into a space of stillness within yourself from which organic movement originates and from there encouraged, within a safe container, to explore and get to know yourself through the art of sacred dance. The body is intelligent all on its own, this is the practice of tuning in, listening, and flowing, creatively embodying our wise wilderness from within.

‘Voice Activation’ & Shamanic Drum Sessions ​

The healing power of our voices is somewhat of lost wisdom in our society. Our heart’s voices easily get drowned out and quieted down throughout the business of the life most people come to think of as normal.

With these sessions, you are being invited to step forth as your own guiding light on your soul’s path and awaken the deep potential that is your own voice. Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, your unique expression is welcomed and needed in the world.

When we hear ourselves and let the vibrations of our voices ripple into the world, we enable truth to be carried out and touch those around us. In this space of authentic voicing, also we ourselves being transformed and alchemist through our own practice. The drum serves to take us deeper into the unconscious and reveal that which we hide from ourselves to open ourselves to the wild fullness and perfect wholeness inherent to our being.

Wild Woman Photoshoot

During the retreat, you will be offered an individual photo shoot in nature with your retreat photographer Sara Lindström. ​

As you prepare to come to Lapland you are encouraged to ask yourself:

What do you think about when you hear the word “Goddess” or “Your inner Wild Woman”? Who is she? What does she look like? Feel like?

She lives in all women, although many of us have forgotten. We invite you to bring whatever favourite dress or props that you think will help bring her out. It could even be as simple as your naked skin if that is how you would rather like her to be portrayed.

After we part ways at the end of the retreat, the edited and finished photos will be delivered as a gift for you to bring out whenever you need a reminder of that innate wildness in you. We think embracing your inner goddess has nothing to do with looking “perfect”, it has to do with you loving and accepting yourself as the beautiful piece of nature you in fact are.

About the location

Our home during these days will be at Aurora Sarafi Camp - an extraordinary glampsite surrounded by arctic forest and situated by the banks of the mighty Råne River.

We will be far away from artificial light, electrical grids and road networks.

On a clear night the stargazing is incredible with the Milky Way right above our heads, as well as the Aurora Borealis that come out to dance in the sky every now and then.

The Sauna in the ice is an absolutely unique part of the camp. In summer the facility is floating on the river and in winter it's stuck in 100cm+ thick ice with a small ice-pool outside to plunge in after steamy sessions in the sauna room. 

We believe rewilding is a holistic expereince and have chosen this incredible location with care.

While the mornings will be about inner rewilding, during the afternoons and evenings there will be pleanty of time to soak up our beautiful natural surroundings, be it a dip in the frozen river, an adventure on nordic skiis, a walk on snowshoes through the arctic woods, or just enjoying the incredible night sky.  

All meals will be prepared by our wonderful private chef Alia, queen of cooking healthy, nourishing vegan food which we will be savouring together three times a day, often with a crackling fire nearby.


Antonia Rothschild is a healer, artist and a new earth activist, here to inspire soulful living from the heart and weaving life in grounded organic ways in community.

Her work involves releasing patterns held in the unconscious, societal conditioning and beliefs about the self as well as working through trauma and blockages in the cellular memory of the body through different modes of expression and creativity.

Amongst other things, she practices dance as a form of prayer through the body and works with the voice through activations using the shamanic drum and other instruments.

Sara Lindström is a travel & outdoor lifestyle photographer born and raised in the woods of Swedish Lapland.

She set off to begin exploring the world as a teeneager and since then her photographic journey has taken her to over 60 countries on six continents. Her work has received international attention, including winning her the prestigious title The Environmental Photographer of the Year.

When being forced to return home by spring 2020 she saw her northern homelands with new eyes and found herself in a deep love affair. Today she loves sharing her arctic paradise with others, while using photography as a tool to encourage people to allow rewilding to happen both around them and within.

Travel directions

Pick-up point: Boden Central Station.

An optional arrival point is to fly to the nearest airport in Luleå (Kallax), but you would then have to arrange transportation to Boden yourself. There are buses and taxi services at the airport.

You should be in Boden ready for pickup by 4pm on the 20th of April.

Travel directions

Pick-up point: Boden Central Station.

An optional arrival point is to fly to the nearest airport in Luleå (Kallax), but you would then have to arrange transportation to Boden yourself. There are buses and taxi services at the airport.

You should be in Boden ready for pickup by 4pm on the 20th of April.


Group size: Minimum of 8, maximum of 12 participants. ​

Investment: SEK 12,900:-

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Cancellation policy


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Be sure to look over your insurance in the unfortunate event that you would get sick or otherwise unable to attent our retreat.  

If we are forced to cancel the workshop for any reason (like too few participants), your entire tuition will be transferred to another retreat, or you can have it fully refunded to you.

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