Your Private Experience


Workshop, retreat or just some genuine local guidance?

Perhaps you are a family, a group of friends, a single person, or someone organizing a hen party for your best friend wanting her to feel and look like a queen.

Maybe photography is a huge interest you want to cultivate, or it's not, and you're just looking for a unique experience in untamed landscapes, while having your own professional photographer capture some of our special moments.

Regardless, I'm here to create EPICNESS with you - this is your space to dream big.


Forget about big impersonal hotel chains and mass tourism.


Rather, getting to know the locals, showing love to genuine and locally run and owned businesses who care about the planet - that is more how I roll.

I only want you to experience the real, authentic north, along with true human connections - the same people and places I've fallen in love with over the past couple of years.


"What a unique experience of Swedish Lapland!"

"I had the most authentic, fun and freezingly cold photography lesson with Sara.

After learning about my photography goals, Sara drove us to a lovely clearing in the woods next to a beautiful stream, far away from any source of light, where we set our tripods to practice astrophotography.

Sara started a bonfire, roasted some cinnamon rolls and boiled a pot of hot coffee to keep us going in the -20 C cold, and then taught me valuable techniques to get the most out of my camera and lens in the dark.

I enjoyed every moment of the experience and was able to put what I learned into practice that same night when I did get lucky to see the aurora and get some photos of it. Thanks for a special night, Sara!

- Yaniv Gilad, New York, USA

"An unfogettable experience"

"Sara organized a wonderful family photography retreat for us in Swedish Lapland. She inspired the whole family and was able to give each of us relevant tools and ideas to work with despite the range of experience and age!

Combined with the spectacular setting and warm hospitality, it was an unforgettable experience for each one of us."

- Melianie Raymond, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Every experiene could be combined with my In Her True Element Photoshoot, making yourself or your favourite lady feel like the beautiful piece of nature you've always seen in her.

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