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Northern Sweden is a wonderland beyond imagination. Through my work as a photographer I have had the priviledge to travel all over the world to chase light and beauty with my camera, but I've come to the conclusion that nothing quite compares to my home in Swedish Lapland.

So, with my passion for the craft coupled with my love for this northern paradise I would like to invite a small crew of photography enthusiasts to come join me for a weekend-long adventure where I will be taking you to some incredible spots in the mountains.

I have teamed up with Lennart Pittja, the founder of epic Sápmi Nature Camp in Laponia - one of the most unspoiled places on Earth - which we will get to call home during these days.

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For whom?

This adventure is for anyone with an interest in photography and a love for nature, who's looking to explore a remote corner of northern Sweden while getting carried away by stories of the fascinating Sámi people that have looked after this land for generations.

Our host Lennart is Sámi himself and will share his own in-depth knowledge about this way of life in close relationship with these untamed landscapes.

Meanwhile I will be by your side all weekend to answer any photography related questions you may have and pitch in with little tips and tricks to help you elevate your skills.

Don't own a fancy camera? No worries. As long as you have a longing for adventure, stillness and a deeper connection this will still be a weekend for you.

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About the location

Our home for the weekend is located right in the mighty Laponia; a giant unpoiled land area above the arctic circle in Sweden. Here mountains, old growth forests, glaciers and enormous wetlands spread over thousands of square kilometres.

We will be staying comfortably in traditional lavvu tents (shared by two), miles and miles away from nearest human settlement or any form of light pollution, creating amazing opportunities for stargazing and night photography. With some luck we may even get to witness the northern lights dancing on the night sky.

This off-grid camp has been listed by National Geographic as one of the world’s most spectacular and sustainable places to stay if you care about the planet.

Arctic living

Here you won't only be told what life is like, rather you will be involved and active with everything from moving around on traditional wooden skis, to keeping the fire going in the stove in the room, or literally savour the flavours gathered in these beautiful woods. 

Learn more about our host Lennart and his arctic paradise here:


What's included?

⦁ Full board: Traditional (amazing) home-cooked meals, starting with dinner day 1 and ending with lunch before departure day 3

⦁ Two nights glamping accommodation in a beautiful lavvu tent, shared by two. One private tent available at an extra cost.  

⦁ Moose and wildlife safari in Stora Sjöfallet National Park

⦁ Your private professional photography guide

⦁ Your private Sámi host, chef and encyclopedia for wildlife and local indigenous living

⦁ Forest excursions on skis and/or snow shoes

⦁ Warm clothes for extra comfort on your outdoor adventures

⦁ Sauna and ice bath

⦁ Evenings around the fire

⦁ Potential aurora shows and star-gazing

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Arrival day. Once you're all settled in your cozy home the afternoon is free for you to either just soak up the peace and quite of this remote location, or go on a little adventure on snowshoes.

In April days are rapidly growing longer and we still have heaps of day light to explore the area around the camp. Later we will gather for an amazing traditional dinner prepared by our lovely host.

Afterwards you might want to enjoy the sauna, and maybe even a cold plunge in the mighty (frozen) Lule River. I will happily show you how :)


After breakfast we will jump into the van and venture deeper into the mountains and look out for moose, golden eagle and other wild creatures that call this stunning place home.

If our timing is right you will get an opportunity to get close up with reindeer and learn more about the adventurous life of being a reindeer herder in this rough and rugged terrain.

We will take you to the most epic places for landscape photos along the road, and have lunch out in the field by a warming fire.

This is a drive like no other; the longest dead-end road in Sweden that takes you through a spectacular and yet quite unknown natural area.

Most of the time, we will drive through one of the oldest national parks in the world - Stora Sjöfallet; host to pristine taiga forest, gracing land for the reindeer and great chances for wildlife spotting.

Once back home we will soon enjoy another lovely dinner together. 

The evening will provide you a second chance to brave the water of the ice cold Lule River and to warm up your bones in the wood heated sauna. 

Afterwards we'll gather around the fire for a warm drink and good conversations, while keeping an eye on the night sky to see if Lady Aurora may come out for a dance. 


After breakfast you will get the opportunity to go explore the nature around the camp on skis.

There is nothing more authentic than donning a pair of traditional wooden skis and there will be a prepared route that takes you out into the winter wonderland.

No previous ski experience is required. You will receive a short introduction to the art of skiing before you go – this is the original Sámi way of travelling this area and you will understand why the skiis are so important to the Sámi people.

After one last warm meal together we will finally part ways.    

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Group size: maximum of 7 participants. ​

Price: SEK 12,900:-

How to book

Fill out the form by clicking the button below and we will get back to you with the payment details.

Further questions? Don't hesitate to shoot me a message through the same form :) (På svenska funkar också bra!)

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Please be sure to include any meal preferences and/or allergies when booking.When your payment is completed, you will receive a confirming email that secures your spot.

Interested in extending your stay for more arctic adventures? Let us know in advance and we'll see what we can do!

CANCELLING POLICY: Until 30 days before start date  - 50% of the fee will be refunded in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking. After this point no refunds will be given due to the difficulty to fill your spot on such short notice.

If we are forced to cancel the workshop for any reason (like too few participants signed up), your entire participation fee will be refunded to you.

Travel directions

Arrival point: Gällivare train station. Try to make sure to be at the location no later than 2pm on the arrival day.

Although we encourage starting your adventure by travelling here by train, an option is to fly to the nearest airport in Kiruna or Luleå, but you would then have to arrange transportation to Gällivare yourself. 

There are buses and taxi services at both airports, and several trains heading to Gällivare every day.

There are also a couple of direct flights to Gällivare, more info here: nordica.ee

Don't hesitate to reach out for any further questions 

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