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I truly love what I do. I have been a professional photographer for the past 6 years and through my work I have had the honor to travel all over the world to chase light and beauty for different travel companies, super entrepreneurs and brands.

My camera has taken me to stunning rooftop restaurants in southern India, luxury hotels in Portugal, pristene beaches in northern Greece, and the impressive mountains of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, to mention a few.

During these years I have evolved in my craft and learnt so much, and now I'd like to pass some of that knowledge and experience on to you. Whether you're just starting out, need some coaching to get to the next level, or you're ready to pursue a career in photography yourself, read on...

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The VIP Day

I call it a day, but I will actually be your personal mentor for a full month, which will be 100% tailored to your individual creative aspirations.

My intention with this private mentoring program is to rapidly uplevel your photography skills no matter what level you're currently at, and leave you a lot more confident to express yourself through your camera.

What's in it?

That's the best part - it's totally up to you! During one jam-packed 3-hour super learning session, plus a 1-hour follow up a few weeks later, you will basically have my brain at your disposal. Inbetween the two live sessions I will only be a text message away through an exclusive online chat support. 

Topics that could be covered include, but is not limited to:

⫸  Getting you out of auto mode

⫸  Improving your composition

⫸  Photo review

⫸  Advice on what gear to invest in

⫸  Portfolio and website critique

⫸  Post processing tools and techniques

⫸  Practical advice on travelling with your camera

⫸  Tips on how to get started with a professional career

But again - this is about YOU, so you decide what we focus on!

Why learn with you, Sara?

I'm not going to lie. Surely you would be able to find answers to your questions by binging free online video tutotials, and if you have the time to invest and you find that works effectively for you, that's wonderful. 

My vision with this course, however, is to cut weeks, months or even years out of the process by giving you direct answers to your questions live on the spot, and provide you with immediate feedback and advice to catalyze you forward towards your creative goals.


Wherever you are! My sessions are currently 100% online based. (Unless you live in northern Sweden, then a physical meeting could be discussed.) 

What else?

Spots limited in order for me focus on only a few students each month and provide the highest possible quality and presence.  

For any questions in between live sessions I will be available for online chat support for the full duration of the program. 

Language options: English or Swedish.



(Is this amount a problem? Talk to me! ♥) 

Lady green and the pine

Ok, I'm sold.  Now what?

Step 1.  Flag your interest by flicking me a message, or schedule a free consultation call.

Step 2.  We chat about your goals. This is important as I will only take on students I genuinely think I can help.

Step 3. Once the above has been clarified, I craft a learning session around your needs.

Step 4. You secure your spot by picking a starting date and paying the course fee.

Step 5. We connect via Zoom, and let the learning begin.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for any additional questions!

What do my previous students say?

Not ready to invest in your learning just now? Stay in the loop by signing up to my email list and be the first to find out about future deals and other goodies :)

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