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The Basics of Photography

Rapid learning

Taking an online photography class for beginners is among the best ways to skyrocket your photography skills in no time. It's exactly how I got started myself, because I just knew I would personally take years finding the patience to learn without someone guiding me through it. 

So, shortly after getting my first DSLR camera I signed up to a class similar to this one. It delivered a long flow of aha-moments, catalysed me forward, and eventually turned into a passion-driven career as a travel and adventure photographer.

No matter what your goal is with your photography, I want to show you that you can get far by only understanding the basic concepts I teach in this course. I want to help you take control over your camera and give you the freedom to confidently express yourself through photography.

With this knowledge you will then be able to wander off into the world and keep learning the fun way - through practice, preferably by aiming your camera at scences and objects that make your heart sing.

Course dates

To be confirmed.


The course will take place during one weekend, where we will meet in a small group over Zoom.

Day 1 will build a theoretical foundation and help you understand what aperture, shutter speed and ISO all do and how you control them. We'll aslo go through composition, different kinds of shooting modes, and a lot more. I will make sure to leave plenty of room for your individual questions. (Day 1 total: about 3h)       

Day 2 -  By the end of day 1 I will have given you a few practical exercises. We will now review your results together for those of you who are willing to share some of your photos with the group. We will talk about your experiences while completing your exercises and I'll give you feedback and guidance through any struggles you may have had. (Day 2 total: about 2h)


No previous skills required, but a digital DSLR och mirrorless camera with the option to shoot in manual mode (control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO) is necessary if you want to get the most out of the course.

A tripod would be helpful for your practical exercises, but not required. 

Since the course will take place over Zoom I also recommend a reliable internet source and access to a quite space for the duration of the meetings.

If for any reason you can't make it to one of the group meetings, a recording of the class can be sent once completed.

Investment: €99  

Interested?! Email saralindstromphotography@gmail.com (or click the envelope at the top of the page) to sign up, or for any further questions you may have!

Hope I'll be seeing you :)

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