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Born and bred in the boreal forests of Swedish Lapland, Sara Lindström is a travel & outdoor lifestyle photographer passionate about mountains and adventures in wild and remote terrain. Her insatiable hunger for new horizons has brought her to over 50 countries on five continents while chasing light, beauty and new challenges.

In June 2016 she was honored the title the Environmental Photographer of the Year, with one of her photographs exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

When not on the road, Sara is often found climbing or skiing mountains in the Canadian Rockies or the French Alps, but is available for assignments worldwide.

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"Sara is a great, independent and reliable photographer. We've employed her several times and will continue to do so. The quality of her work is outstanding and she always delivers according to the set time line. I would recommend Sara to anyone looking for high quality photography and a reliable person who is committed to her work." 

- Johan Edsler, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lion Alpin Ski Travel Group

"I collaborated with Sara on a bike action + lifestyle photoshoot for outdoor merino brand Mons Royale. She caught my attention with her spectacular landscape photography. A skill set such as this does not always translate well to successful action photography that also captures emotions and products beautifully. But Sara crushed it!

Her pre-shoot planning set her up for success as we (myself, the bike gals and Sara) had a briefing where we agreed on which products to shoot, the vibe that we were looking to hit and how we might go about achieving results. Sara is very organised but makes her subjects feel relaxed.

She is great at capturing moments quietly without disrupting the flow of the action. Our photoshoot was a super fun time and I think this speaks through the imagery that we captured. A job well done, I would not hesitate to recommend Sara to any outdoor brand looking for authentic imagery of people and products in situ within beautiful landscapes."  - Anna Smoothy, Team Liaison and Marketing, Mons Royale Merino

"Sara has worked as a freelance photographer for the tour operator Apollo since 2015, for whom she has been photographing hotels and destinations around the world, as well as made videos of each place. We are very satesfied with Sara and her work and are hoping to cooperate again soon." - Jessica Weimer, Photo & Film Editor, Apollo Travel Group

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