10% for the wild

During my many years of wandering the globe I’ve come across an incredible amount of beauty, in both people and places. But I’ve also become a witness to the large-scale and often mindless destruction of our natural world and I’d love for my photos to contribute to the change necessary to reverse that.

I have been spending a lot of my time photographing remote landscapes and passionate people interacting with them in different ways; people enjoying and finding peace and happiness in those places we can still call wild. It’s so easy to forget in this material world but pristine, natural landscapes are deeply connected to the physical, mental and spiritual health of human beings, and I wish for these wildly awe-inspiring places to remain that way.

By purchasing one of my prints you’ll help me fulfill this vision of mine as I’ll donate 10% of the profits to a wilderness conservation initiative called Yellowstone to the Yukon. They are working on the establishment a massive wilderness corridor stretching from Wyoming in the United States up to northern Canada, where people and nature can live in harmony and thrive.

Learn more about them and their work at  y2y.net.

To prints, click HERE.

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